September 15, 2016. Our first date. I had lived in Colorado for 7 months. Clay was born here. We met on Tinder (that’s right, we swiped right) and were meeting for the first time at a Starbucks downtown Denver. We had two part first date, and aside from my trip to visit family in Toronto, we were basically inseparable ever since. He picked me up from the airport with flowers and I knew. I knew there was something there. In fact, I had known from the beginning. I know, I know…super cheesy!

Thanksgiving 2017. He proposes. Hides the ring in a FabergΓ© bird, inside a Cornish hen, inside the turkey that we had made that morning and brought over (and ended up being SUPER dry). Again, so cheesy. But, like, just the right amount. My parents were in town from Arizona, and they recorded it, and it was perfect.

March 2018. I’ve got a wicked hangover…or so I thought. Surprise! I’m 9 weeks pregnant. Once we got over the shock, and narrowly beating the engagement, of course….BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! So here we are, somewhere between save the dates and flower arrangements, planning for a baby as well. And I thought wedding planning was stressful!! Luckily, we have some amazing family and friends. We moved the wedding up 5 months, because I was not going to waddle down the aisle 9 1/2 monhs pregnant and I had just gotten THE DRESS! So, we planned a wedding in 2 months. It was perfect. We were married June 9, 2018 by a little red barn in Golden, Colorado. And, we found out we were having a little girl. So far – BEST DAY EVER!!

November 3, 2019. NEW BEST DAY EVER!!!! Our beautiful daughter, Rebel, is born. The adventure really did start. I had quit my job after almost 10 years, and we had planned on me being a stay at home mom. I was ecstatic and terrified. I had no idea what I was doing, but seriously, who does? Clay continued working and supporting us, and everything was going as great as expected for new parents. But we felt restless. Which, honestly, is probably not a normal occurrence for a couple with a newborn baby. So, we decided to do something. Well, plan to do something. Never, in my 30 years, would I have ever thought that I would speak these words. We are going to live in a trailer, and travel. I grew up constantly moving and swore I would get married and have babies and never move again!

Present Day. We bought a truck. She’s a beaut. And a beast. Such a drastic change from my little baby Nissan Versa. Our first long haul will be to pick up a trailer in Ohio, because LITERALLY EVERYTHING costs more in Denver. Except gas…for now. Do you now how hard it is to pick out a trailer?! And the idea of downsizing doesn’t seem bad until you realize you have 4 closets full of clothes, plus three dressers, and all of it needs to fit into one, ONE, closet. Which is about half the size of your smallest one at home. Oh, and no, these aren’t just my clothes…just saying. So, here we are. Ready to go buy a trailer. Leave the mundane, work routine behind and hit the open road on our next great adventure!!

Until next time….

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